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Exclusive for South America, Michael Sweet, granted us this interview.

Questioned, controversial, respected and recognized. With an extraordinary, powerful and melodious voice. Writer, producer, virtuoso of the guitar. His fruitful solo career has given him the opportunity to venture into different styles. A sincere, intense, restless and virtuous man, with the aim of honoring God in every stage of his life.

His name is intimately intertwined with Stryper, one of the great bands that has given the Hard / Metal of the United States, which has more than thirty years with a validity and unusual meaning. With followers in the Christian and non-Christian field and sales of sidereal discs.
With us Michael Sweet.

Metalbreed: Hi Michael, it is an honor and a great joy to give me this interview! You're welcome!
When I look at your publications, I see that you are in constant movement, I do not know how to explain it, I read your comments there on your page and I think there are many things that do not let you be still. Is it like that?

Michael Sweet: I am a hard worker and I love writing, producing and creating music. I have a great passion for that and I have always done it. It's just part of who I am, part of my DNA.

MB: It's a very special moment for you and Stryper. A significant change with the addition of Perry Richardson. How are they living?

M.S: Perry is a gift from heaven! He is an incredible person and an incredible musician. We are very lucky to have it. We started the rehearsals in my home studio in April and we will do tours in 2018. It's going to be a great album and a great tour!

MB: The release of the new Stryper album is scheduled for April 2018, and we really are very anxious to know what the central idea is, if it has it, how many songs it will have and, of course, the name chosen and the coverage. that.

M.S: Unfortunately, I still can not reveal the title, but this is our best album to date. The songs are very consistent and powerful with memorable choruses and riffs. We are very proud of how this turned out! It will certainly please the fans.
(Later Stryper released the name, the cover and the themes of the new album through his)

(Later Stryper released the name, the cover and the themes of the new album through social networks)

MB: I do not know in other parts of the world, but here, in Argentina, I want you to know that you simply leave the stage, we already wonder when Michael will return. Will you come to Argentina to present Stryper's new album?

M.S: We intend to return with luck sometime this year, 2018. We have toured South America quite a few times and we love our fans there. Argentina is very special to us and we can not wait to return. When we do it, it will be amazing!

MB: In 2014 we got to know your book Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed and now a little more of your stories through the DVD "Sole: songs and stories of a life in music" How was the selection of songs to tell us this? part of your story so intertwined with music?

M.S: It is always interesting when choosing songs for a specific event. This was even more difficult since it was an acoustic show, so the songs should be translated correctly to the acoustic guitar. Some do it, others do not. That helped me choose which songs to include.

MB: Beyond the repercussion, do you feel satisfied with your book Honestly? Do you plan to write another one in the future?

M.S: I am very happy with the way my book "Honestly" came out. I have already started writing my second book and, basically, it will continue where I left "Honestly". There is a lot to talk about and I will present the truth completely, as well as my experience in each situation.

MB: What is it that infuriates you the most? What makes you angry!

M.S: I get angry for the things that some people say and do on the Internet. It seems to be a place for cowards to hide behind a computer and say what they want. Sadly, it hurts people and hurts our world. However, I believe that the good overcomes the bad. There is still a lot of good in the world and a lot of good people.
 MB: Michael, you are a man of faith, however. Have you ever doubted that God heard your prayers?

M.S: Of course. What I always remember is that God is not a Genie. You can not just rub the lamp and hope that everything you ask of the genie is fulfilled. It just does not work that way. God is in control and He has a plan. It may not align with ours, but it is always the best.
MB: Robert, your brother, has been with you for years in Stryper; In fact, when you left the project, he followed it. How is your relationship with Robert? Some words about him.

M.S: Robert and I are very different. Opposites if you want. But, we love each other with eternal love and we will always support each other.
MB: Michael, I will take you to the past. For me, personally, the song "More than a man" is a hymn that always moves me. What are your thoughts on this subject?

M.S: That is one of my favorite songs. I love the message and the music. Both are equally powerful. It is a favorite of the public sure. I think that song is anointed by God and that is why it moves people in a special way.

MB: How was your first performance in concert with Stryper?

M.S: I was very nervous. I tend to obsess about everything before a show and I want everything to be perfect. What made the first show even more intense.

MB: Many years the members of Stryper were separated. Maybe some thought they would be part of the history of the 80s or 90s. But today they are here and they continue! How was that return to the stage after so much time?

M.S: We split up because I left the band in 1992. I felt it was time to move on and put my life back in order. That was more important. In 2003, we decided to try again and we have been doing it ever since. I feel that now we are stronger than we were before and that there is nothing to stop us. We are creating our best music in decades and we still have a lot to do. The best is yet to come!!
MB: From Fallen album, Yahweh's theme is the one I like the most. What is your favorite theme in this album and why?
M.S: There are some songs that really move me in the album. "Take It To The Cross" (heavy), "Sorry" (heavy and hooky with a groove), "Lost" (melodic and very Stryper), "The Valley" (chuggy and heavy with great melody). I am very excited that people are listening to this album!

MB: Your last solo album "One Sided War" I liked it a lot, it's different, it has a good "power" and it has varied influences focused on the themes. It is excellent for those who do not like ballads! Hahaha! Why did you decide to vary the style, if that vein can be downloaded in Stryper?

M.S: I've always distanced myself from fans who say: "I like MS alone, but Stryper is heavier, so I like it more" - well, I wanted to show all the detractors that I can do a lot. I have written most of Stryper's heavy songs over the years and "One Sided War" shows a bit more of my strong side, without Stryper. I am very satisfied with how it turned out.

MB: What is the balance this year with Sweet & Lynch?

M.S: I'm not sure. I would like to take a tour, but I do not know if that is reality. GL has other things at stake and so do I. I hope we can spend the time of the tour and I also hope that we will make more albums together.

MB: Many of your records are bought by people who are not Christian. what do you think about it?

M.S: We are a rock band formed by Christians. We have always wanted to get to the world. Not only for the church, I think it's amazing to see people of all religions, all religions love Stryper. It is exactly what our goal was.

MB: What impacted you during your visits to Argentina?

M.S: The people are so genuine and sweet. The food is absolutely ridiculously good and the history and the "atmosphere" are intense. We love it!!!
MB: What do you expect from the future?

M.S: Much more. God willing, I will do this for a long time. Until I take my last breath.

MB: Michael, I want to say that I see God fulfilling a purpose in his life and career, I really want to thank him, because I want him to know that his life blesses and inspires us. Can you see this?

M.S: Absolutely !! God is omnipotent and almighty. I can not wait to see what he will do !!

MB: Thank you very much, Michael, for giving me your time to answer this interview! Get a big hug from all Latin America fans! Please, some words for the readers of Metalbreed and especially for the followers in Argentina!

M.S: Thank you! Love and respect. 


YouTube: The Official Stryper Channel


Photos: website Michael Sweet - Stryper -  Paul Overton.

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